Our team of globally renowned Bridal Fashion Stylists, Designers, Hairstylists and Makeup Artists had a vision to bring their talents together to create a place where everyday brides can access services that are are usually reserved only for their rich and famous clients.


Our team also wanted to take this vison to the next level by giving back to this world and what better a way than donating part of their booking fees to a worthwhile cause known as the Look Good Feel Good Organization, that helps women of all ages look their best when they a going through cancer treatment.​

Bringing this dream to life, has been a passion for all involved and we are so proud to offer a premium quality online service that is both extremely affordable and accessible to brides from anywhere in the world.


Our global stylist team will create and curate a dream wedding look for you based on your vision of how you want to look on your wedding day and this is all done virtually.


Or perhaps you have selected a few dresses already and you just want an second opinion on your selections, our stylists will be your impartial virtual best friend and work with with you to ensure you select the right dress that will truly enhance your silhouette.


Let us help you to create your vision and at the same time give to a wonderful cause that will better a woman's life.

We look forward to creating your wedding vision and having you as our client.

Til dress do us part 

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Kissing the Bride
Wedding Portrait

Our global team of virtual stylists consists of highly talented Bridal Stylists, Designers, Hairstylists and Makeup Artists that specialise in turning your visions and dreams into a reality.

As a client of Bridestyled you will have access to a very talented team of virtual stylists that will assist you to create you best look for your wedding day.

Our stylists are not affiliated with any specific fashion or bridal house and all our creations and ideas are curated especially for you. 


Our virtual Bridal Fashion Stylists and Designers a creators of your visons and dreams for your wedding dress.

They will curate for you a selection of dresses based on your vision and taking great care to provide you with an assortment of selections that will enhance and flatter your silhouette and align specifically with your dreams. 

Our virtual design couture service will also provide you with exclusive and original conceptual illustrative designs that you can either bring to life or you can use as a guide to selecting your dress that is perfect for you.


Our designers will create stunning designs according to your silhouette, wedding destination, type of occasion, season, specific themes, budget and your personal requests.

Selecting your wedding dress can be overwhelming with so many choices and add to that the well meaning opinions of your family and friends and it can be truly confusing, our stylists will be your unbiased opinion assistants and can help you sort through your choices.  


We are also in the know when it comes to bridal designers, boutiques and online stores and we are happy to assist finding vendors in your location.


The right accessories whether it is adding a bit of bling or simple statement pieces, can take your look to the next level and add that wow factor.

Our stylists will provide advice on accessories such as jewellery, shoes and handbags that will complement your dress to make you stand out and give you that polished and coordinated look.

We will curate you a selection of accessories that will enhance your chosen dress style and your overall desired look.

Your hair is an important accessory and should complement your dress and not compete with it, but rather enhance your total look.


Our talented team of global Hairstylists are the masters of hair creations.


Our Hairstylists will create your bridal hair looks in collaboration with our Bridal Designers to curate hairstyles that compliment and enhance your total wedding look. 


The passion exudes from our Hairstylists as they curate your hairstyles, as they consider your hair type, hair texture, hair length and your bridal hair accessories.  

If you are wanting advice on your hair color or specific haircuts to achieve your dream wedding hair look, our Hairstylists will guide you step by step through the process.

Bridal Bouquet

Your wedding makeup is a work of art and such needs to be treated that way. Your make up should make you glow and enhance your features just like the most beautiful painting.

Our Makeup Artists, are true artists that will make sure your wedding look highlights your beauty just like a stunning masterpiece.

Their artistic ability will ensure they consider your facial features and their suggestions will make sure you are a vision of gorgeous.

Our Makeup Artists will guide you on how to achieve your bridal makeup look and they will provide you lots of advice on wedding day proof makeup brands. 

Image by Chalo Garcia


Are you a talented bridal designer looking to show off your beautiful bridal designs?

At Bridestyled, we love helping designers get the recognition they deserve, and what a better way than providing  a platform where you can show off your designs and have the opportunity to be part of the Bridestyled  global team of stylists.

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Bridal Fashion
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Your designs will be showcased on our website and shown on our social media platforms.

Each month we will select our Bridal Designer of the month and your designs will be included in our annual bridal virtual catwalk show and you will also have the opportunity to work with us as a Global  Bridal Designer and travel the globe to assist us with our bridal fashion shows in Paris, Barcelona, Milan, London and New York .

Your Submission

  Must include photos of your models wearing your bridal designs

  A paragraph under each of your designs explaining your inspiration                      behind  the design   

 Your story (500 words) that portrays who you are as a designer



Please submit your designs here



Elegant Wedding
Image by Chalo Garcia
Wedding Car
Illustrated Rosemary

Wedding Photographers are you wanting to show off your work and have the chance to work on bridal model shoots all over the globe?

Submit your best wedding photos and we will showcase them on our website and social media.


Each month we will select the wedding photographer of the month.

You will then have the opportunity to join our global photography team where you will jet set all around the global working on our bridal modelling shoots!

Your Submission

Please upload your photos using the submit photos button

Attach a brief resume to us which outlines your experience

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At Bridestyled, we love to give vendors the opportunity to showcase their  products and services.

We charge a very minimal fee as we vet all our advertisers to ensure that we protect our clients and viewers.

For more information & application form

Please email us at