What you should consider when selecting your dress

Updated: Jul 26

We asked our Bridal Fashion Stylists – What are some factors brides should consider when selecting their wedding dress.

There are so many factors that brides should consider when selecting their perfect wedding dress. Firstly, consider your silhouette and is it flattering to your body shape? The next important thing is comfort, will the dress be comfortable for you to wear during your day? What type of fabric and the weight of the fabric should be considered when selecting your dress and of course things such as the weather and the location of your wedding is a big a factor when choosing your fabric?

There are so many beautiful lightweight fabrics, such as Chantilly Lace, Silk Organza or a light satin.

Sleeves are extremely vogue right now. If you are getting married in a hot climate you do not have to avoid sleeves. You could consider a gown with detachable sleeves. That way, you can have one look for your ceremony and another for your reception. If you are getting married in a cold climate, a beautiful shrug can totally enhance your overall wedding look.

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